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There is now an international arrest warrant for Putin for his war crimes. He could justifiably be arrested in any of more than 120 countries if he sets foot in them.

Russians should be made aware that Vladimir Putin has caused an unjust war by brutally invading the free nation of Ukraine. Putin is now losing that war badly, and he is stifling criticism of the war to hide the facts from ordinary Russian citizens. More than 100,000 Russian soldiers and many Ukrainians have died so far because of Putin and his unprovoked, brutal attempt to grab territory from the free, democratic nation of Ukraine. Many more will die if the futile invasion caused by Putin continues. Blood is on the hands of Putin the war criminal and murderer, and on the hands of his supporters. Torture and other war crimes by Russian forces in Putin's war on Ukraine are now thoroughly documented.

Now, if you are Russian and you support Putin's evil actions in attacking Ukraine, you can legitimately be considered war criminals too. Think about that. World opinion has turned against Putin.

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